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Business profit, cost optimisation, agility, risks reduction…There are so many advantages to externalising your storage. By outsourcing this part of the business to external logistic providers, you can ensure that you have specific skills without having to bear structural costs.

FM Logistic chooses to offer the best logistics storage solutions, while making the Supply Chain more responsible and agile. Our warehouses are flexible and shared, they allow us to group together under one roof customers with the same retail depots with all the associated synergies (pooling, shared pack centre). With our committed subsidiary NG Concept, we act to provide sustainable logistics storage solutions that enable cost optimisation and better stock management by pooling resources between customers and operations on the same site.

Let’s design and run responsible Supply Chain together

At FM Logistic, we control and improve the environmental impact through eco-friendly warehouses, which meet the best standards in terms of eco-construction, safety and quality. We believe in flexibility, to better meet the specific needs of our customers (standards, risky products…) in a responsible way.

Our solutions to support you

  • Let’s build eco-designed warehouses

    As a leading expert and logistics provider, we deeply care about sustainable development. In most cases, platforms consume energy, producing mainly gas emissions and waste. We partner with Batilogistic to design and build logistics storage solutions to optimise energy and operational performance. Today, we operate future-forward platforms and seek positive impacts by reducing gas emissions and waste. Safe and sustainable: that’s how we see our multi-client and multi-activity warehouses. Since 2012, our new built platforms are certified with HQE™ (High Environmental Quality) and LEED® (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design). They have also been named in the “Highly Protected Site” ranking by FM Logistic Global.

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  • Cost reduction via pooling between customers

    Our pooling concept brings together the flows of manufacturers with compatible end products for the same distribution channels. Through the creation of synergies into the warehouse and transport bundling, deliveries to distributors are more frequent. This system will also benefit the end consumers, as we guarantee them fresher products, better quality and fuller trucks. The FM Logistic pooling concept is also a more sustainable way of delivering to retailers. This logistics storage solution allows us to reduce our CO2 impact. Finally, thanks to our indoor pooling solution, some of your logistics costs can be contained or even reduced.

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  • One roof and multi-activities responsible warehouses

    In our shared centres, we pool resources under one roof to offer our customers dynamic and flexible management of our teams and resources according to their needs. We provide mutualisation and flexibility with our warehouses, bringing together customers with the same retail depots under one roof with all the associated synergies (pooling, shared packing centre, cells for dangerous goods and temperature control). We propose personalised solutions adapted to seasonality and peaks in activity, and the diversity of our storage methods allow us to help your company optimise and reduce costs.
    We manage all your activities and all your flows under the same roof to optimise costs and guarantee optimal responsiveness of operations. FM Logistic has set up a very thorough synchronisation of B2B, B2C and B2B2C flows on its sites. Our logistics storage solutions evolve according to your needs in order to streamline the processing of the various flows for the respective channels.

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