Fm logistic

La logique des transports urbain


Governance that meets international requirements

FM Logistic's governance structure is adapted to the scale of its activities. It is based on a Board of Directors and an Executive Committee. Their responsibilities are clearly separated but they have a common objective: optimising the company's development and ensuring its sustainability.

The governance body

This governance meets international standards : independent Executive Committee and Board of Directors, a majority of independent directors on the board of directors and implementation of administrative domain committees.

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors determines the financial and legal structure of the company and validates the strategy (new countries, new market sectors etc.) put forward by the Executive Committee.

  • Jean-Claude MICHEL - chairman
  • Claude FAURE - co-founder of FM Logistic 
    and honorary president
  • Régis BELLO - independent manager
  • Gilles FAURE - original family manager
  • Marie-Laure FAURE - original family manager
  • Olivier Faure - original family manager
  • Vincent MERCIER - independent manager
  • Monique ZOMENO - independent manager

The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee manages company operations, commercial developments, as well as management and human resources choices.

  • Jean-Christophe MACHET – committee executive officer
  • Vittorio BATTAGLIA – transport director and general manager of Italy
  • Yannick BUISSON – managing director for Western Europe
  • Daniel CIZ – finance and purchasing director
  • Cécile CLOAREC – human ressources, communication & sustainable development director
  • Stéphane DESCARPENTRIES – Asia Director, strategic projects and mergers & acquisitions
  • Hervé DUJARDIN – sales director 
  • Pierre-Antoine JANOT – business solutions director
  • Christophe MENIVARD – managing director for Eastern Europe

Testimony of Jean-Claude MICHEL

  • The new direction that the FM Logistic Group wants to take in terms of turnover and international presence required its governance to be enhanced. Experienced external managers have joined the group and there is a clear line between the responsibilities of the Executive Committee and those of the Board of Directors.

    As such we are structured like the largest of international groups without losing the flexibility that sets us apart. This modern governance became relevant during our two recent external growth operations. All governance bodies played their role perfectly. When everyone knows what is required of them, decisions are all the more robust.

    Jean-Claude MICHEL – Chairman of the Board of Directors of FM Logistic

Testimony of Jean-Christophe MACHET

  • "I am proud of shouldering the responsibility of being Chairman of the Executive Committee". My knowledge of the company and the way I have progressively mastered what we are involved in over the last 20 years at FM Logistic assist me with this responsibility that should be rewarded with success.

    "REQUIREMENTS, ENTREPRENEURSHIP and DESIRE" are the management tools required for implementing the Company's plans and satisfying our clients and our employees.

    The members of the Executive Committee chaired by me put everything into bringing them to life in line with our corporate culture."

    Jean-Christophe MACHET - CEO of FM Logistic