Fm logistic

La logique des transports urbain


A collaborative solution that unites the logistic and transport processes of several manufacturers, developed and improved on by FM Logistic since the early 2000s.

At the time, being intermediary between manufacturers and distributors, FM Logistic identifies emerging trends in flow acceleration and the demand of retailers to reduce stocks levels.

A dedicated team was set up to create a high value-added coordination service, in collaboration with manufacturing and retail clients. This service, which won a logistics innovation award, pools together deliveries from different manufacturers with compatible finished products destined for the same distribution networks.

FM Logistic currently coordinates the largest pool in Europe:

Pooling FM Logistic - 7 industriels


By combining flows, deliveries to retail warehouses are more frequent. This ensures that products are always on the shelves while reducing stocks levels in stores.

Regular deliveries in fully loaded trucks with fixed delivery schedules result in more reliable transport and cost control. Furthermore, it significantly contributes to reducing CO2.

Collaborative solution

Stock level optimisation

CO2 reductions

Real results

  • "This solution has allowed us to double the frequency of deliveries, making us more reactive and reducing the chances of being out of stock. Optimisation and pooling have resulted in around 30% less loading dock operations - vital in these times of retail distribution centres congestion. Pooling is a real textbook case. With the open-mindedness and collaboration of everyone involved, this project demonstrates how to transform a constraint into a  value-creating solution for all parties concerned."

    Piet VANDER GHINST, Managing Director Intersnack France